e-Meterai: Digital Stamps for Your Electronic Documents 01 November 2022 Blog

e-Meterai: Digital Stamps for Your Electronic Documents

As technology advanced, physical documents began to be abandoned and replaced with electronic documents. The availability of technology encourages the reduction of paper usage in daily life, including in the business world. Even today’s business documents are predominantly stored electronically. To increase the security assurance of electronic documents, physical stamps have been replaced with digital stamps or e-Meterai. To learn more about what a digital stamp or e-Meterai is, how it works, and who can use e-Meterai in relation to electronic document management, see the following article.

What is e-Meterai?

Before the development of digital stamps, paper stamps were commonly used to affix to important documents. As technology advances, a digital stamp will be followed by e-Meterai. What is e-Meterai then? e-Meterai, also known as digital stamps, are a type of stamp in digital format. E-Meterai is primarily a digital system but also contains security elements issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. State-owned banks have utilized E-Materai, but e-Meterai is now used in various electronic documents.

e-Meterai Function

Like paper stamps, e-Meterai primarily serves as a tool for validating the authenticity of important documents. This type of stamp can be applied to an electronic document using a digital system. This digital system automates the transformation of e-Meterai into digital documents. This stamp serves the same purpose as paper stamps, used as evidence of the imposition of taxes on specific documents. In addition, e-Meterai-enabled electronic documents will have the same credibility as physical documents.

Users of e-Meterai include:

So, who can use the e-Meterai? Here we review anyone who can use e-Meterai by usage category.

  1. Personal

Personal use refers to the general public, which includes individuals of all ages. For instance, e-Meterai is used when creating securities such as letters of agreement, statements of accounts receivable between individuals, job application letters, and other letters that require the affixing of e-Meterai.

  1. Enterprise

Enterprise is a category of e-Meterai users that refers to companies that employ e-Meterai services for internal business purposes. e-Meterai is utilized in internal company activities such as debt receivables, legally binding letters, auction and tender documents, and letters of cooperation agreements between agencies.

  1. Wholesale

Wholesale is a division that purchases e-Meterai in bulk from authorized distributors and resells them to end users. Therefore, this category can be considered a third party in purchasing e-Meterai before they reach the end user.

  1. WAPU (Wajib Pungut)

WAPU (Wajib Pungut) refers to a business entity designated by the Minister of Finance as a collector of Value Added Tax (VAT). This agency must make deposits and report taxes on BKP/JKP (Barang/Jasa Kena Pajak) collected to PKP (Pengusaha Kena Pajak). The mechanism is implemented to improve taxpayer compliance, increase state revenue, and strengthen tax administration.

This concludes the required information regarding e-definition, Meterai’s functions, and users. Minimizing the risk associated with ensuring the security of documents is unquestionably crucial to your business operations. Additionally, to maximize cost-effectiveness, it is necessary to reduce the use of paper documents. It is hoped that e-Meterai will be able to accommodate the needs of business development in this digital era. However, you must also ensure that the e-Meterai you utilize is authentic and comes from an authorized distributor. This is due to the prevalence of counterfeit e-Meterai sold in the virtual universe. Following this, MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution (MECS), one of the business units of MitraComm Ekasarana, a subsidiary of Phitraco Group, has been appointed the official distributor of e-Meterai in Indonesia.


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Meet Customer Expectations to Increase Business Sales 05 October 2022 Blog

Meet Customer Expectations to Increase Business Sales

A company’s success is determined by its customers’ satisfaction with its products or services. Some business owners believe that their customers’ expectations match what they have to offer. However, it is not for some business owners who continue building relationships with customers to break down their business silos. As a business owner, you must take the time to understand what your customers truly require. Following that, you must tailor their requirements to your product, service, and customer support team.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Customer expectations are not predictions of what the provider of goods and services will provide but will arise when customers require goods and services. Simply put, customer expectations are what customers believe providers of goods and services should provide. Businesses must ensure that every customer’s expectation about a product or service can be met to meet customer expectations. Businesses must believe that the ultimate goal of starting a business is to meet customers’ expectations. Therefore, a brand or business must constantly make its customers happy and satisfied with the product. This will assist in increasing brand awareness, attracting new customers, retaining customer loyalty, and significantly increasing sales.

How Digital Engagement Can Help You Meet Customer Expectations

Customer expectations have risen, while businesses have been slow to respond. What happens if the company is late meeting customers’ new expectations? Customers will almost certainly abandon them in favor of competitors. Customer expectations have been increasing for a long time, but never as quickly as they are now. With the help of technology, some businesses have successfully responded to these expectations. Not only to develop innovative products but also to meet customers’ expectations. This is where digital engagement can come into play. A digital marketing strategy for each digital channel used to reach customers is part of digital engagement. Here’s an explanation of how digital engagement can help meet your customers’ expectations.

  1. Improving the customer experience

It is essential to ensure that prospective customers have a positive experience with your business. A better digital engagement will undoubtedly provide a better customer experience. In addition, you can view your customers’ transaction history and sell new products based on previous purchases. The goal of digital engagement is to increase customer satisfaction by aligning with their expectations.

  1. Turn data into actionable insights.

People generally want to see what they expect to see, and what they expect to see is usually based on past habits and experiences. Digital engagement with a good system can generate a large amount of customer data to be analyzed so that your employees can provide the best service. Customer behavior research and analysis can provide all of the information needed to make the best decisions when dealing with customers.

  1. Personalized customer communications

Every day, customers can see a variety of brands and offers. In their minds, they will undoubtedly seek out the most visible brand. Personalized and relevant communication is one way to attract customers. When you reach out to prospective customers by greeting them by name or offering rewards tailored to their preferences, they will feel more connected to your brand or business. Furthermore, you should be relevant by reaching them at the appropriate time, place, and channel. Of course, none of this is possible without accurate data. Implementing digital engagement can provide detailed information about customers, allowing you to meet their expectations more effectively.

In this dynamic environment, customers’ brand expectations continue to rise. Businesses can better prepare to meet rising customer expectations if they understand what their customers want. Based on the explanation above, digital engagement is important for successfully meeting customer expectations. MitraComm Ekasarana, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group, is ready to assist you with implementing digital engagement through its business unit, MitraComm Business Process Service or MBPS. Later, businesses will be able to determine the perception of their products or services using this digital engagement solution so that businesses can learn what customers expect from similar products or services. You can also learn how customers perceive your business competitors and assess the effectiveness of their strategies.


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Digital Engagement Builds a Relationship Between Business and Customer 03 October 2022 Blog

Digital Engagement Builds a Relationship Between Business and Customer

A company successfully builds positive relationships with its customers has accomplished something significant. This can be accomplished in various ways, one of which is by leveraging technology to increase engagement. Digital engagement is now regarded as the foundation for achieving customer engagement. As a result, your business will gain customer loyalty, which will increase sales opportunities.  For this reason, this article will cover digital engagement in greater detail.

Definition of Digital Engagement

Simply put, digital engagement is using technology to connect a business with customers or potential customers. In this case, technology is defined as a platform that enables customers to connect with brands and brands to connect with customers. Today’s technology is already integrated into our daily lifestyle.  Therefore, using it in businesses is beneficial as a method of engaging customers in content activities or internet platforms. Furthermore, positive engagement can lead to brand loyalty and increased business profits. In contrast, negative engagement can impact a company’s brand reputation. Overall, it can be said that digital engagement serves to build relationships with customers.

Strategies to Increase Your Business

Digital engagement is important for businesses because it can help manage customer expectations, improve the customer journey, and generate more marketing conversions. Customer engagement with a company’s digital media will keep them connected to the brand even after making a purchase. Furthermore, businesses can ensure they are completely satisfied with the products and services they receive. If you want to increase your business’s engagement, consider the following strategies.

  1. Set Your Business Goals

The first step is to set your business goals. Business goals influence not only the type of social media platform used but also the type of content, target audience, and others.

  1. Determine Your Digital Channel

The next step is to determine the digital channels that your target audience may be using. This step assists you in maintaining contact with your audience. First, choose the digital channel that they use the most.

  1. Use a Customer Relationship Management Platform

A customer relationship management platform, also known as a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), is a digital platform that allows you to store and access critical customer data securely. The CRM will generate a datasheet with customer information like purchase history, contact preferences, and even interactions with your brand. CRM allows you to personalize customer service while learning how your strategy affects the customer experience.

So that’s an explanation of digital engagement and how to increase it in your business. It is important to your business’s success. Partnering with companies that can help you implement the solution well is a key role that can help businesses maximize engagement. MitraComm Ekasarana is a trusted partner in digital engagement through its business unit, MitraComm Business Process Service or MBPS. As a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, MitraComm Ekasarana has an innovative and seasoned team in its field, allowing the digital engagement solutions offered to be truly tailored to your business’s needs.


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