UCaaS: Masa Depan Komunikasi Bisnis 23 May 2022 Blog

UCaaS: Masa Depan Komunikasi Bisnis

Saat ini, penerapan system bekerja WFA atau work from anywhere banyak dicanangkan perusahaan. Untuk dapat mendukung sistem bekerja WFA, perusahaan perlu mempermudah komunikasi bisnis agar tetap dapat berkolaborasi antar divisi di mana pun dan kapan pun. Perusahaan dapat menerapkan sistem UCaaS untuk mempermudah komunikasi antar karyawan. Apa itu UCaaS dan manfaatnya untuk bisnis? Mari kita simak penjelasan berikut.

UCaaS: Solusi Cloud Office

Secara tidak langsung, sistem komunikasi yang biasa digunakan oleh perusahaan melalui video call, aplikasi chatting, dan voice call merupakan sistem komunikasi cloud. UCaaS adalah Unified Communication as a Services yang merupakan sebuah komunikasi terpadu berbasis cloud yang mendukung setidaknya enam fungsi komunikasi seperti enterprise telephony, meetings (audio/video/web conferencing), unified messaging, instant messaging, mobilitas, dan proses bisnis yang mendukung komunikasi. Intinya, UCaaS adalah model komunikasi berbasis cloud yang menawarkan berbagai aplikasi dan layanan komunikasi serta kolaborasi.

Manfaat UCaaS

Saat ini, integrasi merupakan sebuah kunci agar proses bisnis dapat berjalan dengan mudah dan cepat. UCaaS merupakan solusi lengkap untuk bisnis. Berikut adalah manfaat lain jika perusahaan menggunakan model UCaaS pada sistem komunikasi bisnis.

  1. Mendukung Sistem Kerja Jarak Jauh

Pekerjaan jarak jauh tidak akan efektif tanpa adanya teknologi yang dapat diakses di mana pun dan kapan pun. Berdasarkan survey dari Gartner diketahui bahwa lebih dari 80% perusahaan berencana untuk membiarkan karyawan mereka bekerja dari jarak jauh bahkan setelah pandemi. Disinilah unified communication as a service berperan sebagai sistem komunikasi yang memudahkan karyawan. Karyawan dapat berkomunikasi secara efektif dan efisien menggunakan UCaaS karena semua ada di genggaman.

  1. Satu Solusi dengan Satu User Interface

Rasakan penggunaan satu solusi sederhana yang memilki banyak fitur komunikasi terpadu. Pembaruan fitur juga dilakukan secara teratur untuk menambahkan kemampuan dan nilai baru, sehingga Anda dapat selangkah lebih mau dari kompetitor.

  1. Hemat biaya

UCaaS memiliki berbagai macam pilihan sesuai dengan kebutuhan bisnis Anda. Maka dari itu, model penerapan biaya yang ditawarkan unified communication as a service berdasarkan layanan dan jumlah pengguna yang akan membuat Anda mendapatkan biaya yang lebih hemat.

  1. Tidak memerlukan sumber daya tambahan

Anda tidak perlu menyiapkan karyawan tambahan untuk menyiapkan unified communication as a service. Pembaruan yang akan datang kedepannya seperti fitur keamanan dan tamabahan apa pun yang harus dilakukan akan tersedia secara otomatis. Tim IT Anda akan dapat mengerjakan hal yang dibutuhkan dalam proses bisnis dan membantu bisnis Anda menjadi lebih berkembang.

Seperti itulah manfaat UCaaS untuk bisnis Anda. Anda dapat bekerja sama dengan Phintraco Technology yang merupakan salah satu anak perusahaan Phintraco Group yang bergerak di bidang IT infrastructure. Salah satu solusi yang ditawarkan Phintraco Technology yaitu Unified Communications. Pengalaman lebih dari 20 tahun, Phintraco Technology telah menghadirkan solusi IT terbaik di berbagai sektor industri.


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Best Practices Marketing Communication for SMS on Mobile Devices 20 May 2022 Blog

Best Practices Marketing Communication for SMS on Mobile Devices

In Indonesia, many people in business are growing, but not equivalent to the increasing degree of competition. Many ways are commonly used in marketing products or services, but not everything can be explained well to the community. This is where marketing communication as a strategy for achieving marketing goals plays an important role. Marketing communication may assist people in business in creating or compiling messages and information through marketing media that are well-received and readily understood by customers.

Marketing Communication: Key to Successful Marketing Strategy

The essence of marketing communication is the activity of creating and delivering messages to the instructive community, persuading, and reminding. Marketing activities may now be carried out through mobile devices. Using mobile devices as a medium for promotion demonstrates that marketers must understand the demands of mobile device users, provide content for mobile platforms, and utilize mobile marketing methods. The SMS feature is one of the mobile marketing strategies.

Marketing Communication Strategy Through SMS Advertising

Although SMS is regarded as one of the essential functionalities of mobile devices that is now infrequently utilized, it doesn’t harm to attempt advertising via SMS, often known as SMS advertising. SMS advertising may be a low-cost method of reaching out to a specific audience. Furthermore, when paired with other techniques, SMS advertising may enhance customer reach, sales, and loyalty. One method to maximize the use of SMS for marketing strategies is to ensure that the content on SMS has the right purpose. Because if marketers create unsuitable SMS content, customers who get SMS would regard it as spam. Here are some effective marketing communication strategies that marketers may use in marketing efforts via SMS on mobile devices:

  1. Create an Effective Call to Action

Marketers who use SMS advertising to engage with customers should have a strong call to action (CTA) to offer their customers benefits. Marketers must ensure that the CTAs on their marketing ads motivate each audience to take immediate action. Using phrases such as “click here to learn more” and “If you want to learn more about the services we offer, please text us back with any questions,” or “For more information, contact us at 0123 456 7890.”

  1. Focus on Providing Value

When implementing marketing communications, emphasize the importance of the benefits of offered products. As a general rule, do not inform the quality of products you do not own. By emphasizing the value of a product, the message will be ingrained in customers’ brains, making it simpler to perceive the superiority of each product. When a value is well communicated, it increases customer emotions and provides a sense of confidence and comfort when using the product.

  1. Create a Simple Message

The primary purpose of marketing communication is for consumers or audiences to understand the message’s information easily. Thus, marketers must be able to package communications in a simple, effective, and easy to understand. Use simple yet plain language that will be easy to understand. As a result, consumers will find it simpler to recognize and comprehend the products on offer.

  1. Build Customer Trust

Marketers must inform customers about who they are, why their company exists, and what services they offer. Potential customers must first learn about the company before buying or using the product or service. Don’t just let them buy a product or service if they don’t know anything about your company. If consumers do not know your business, they may forget and eventually buy elsewhere if they wish to buy items or services from the company again. Make people aware of your company by describing the benefits of your product or service.

  1. Use Emoji in Text Message

When using a mobile device to compose text, emojis become a feature. Emojis can help you connect with your consumers because they can communicate emotion. Emojis will help customers understand the message or value you wish to express in SMS advertising.

SMS advertising is one of the best ways for businesses to promote their products and services. If you’re still confused about how to employ SMS advertising on mobile devices, MitraComm Ekasarana, a Phintraco Group subsidiary, can help. MECS, or MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution, is one of Mitracomm Ekasarana’s business units that provides the greatest services, such as SMS advertising solutions that are part of the SMS Gateway solution service, which will be greatly beneficial for your business marketing strategy. marketing communication for SMS


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Examples of Campaigns Using SMS Advertising 18 May 2022 Blog

Examples of Campaigns Using SMS Advertising

Do you know what SMS Advertising is? In summary, SMS advertising is a method of promoting your product or service using SMS (Short Message Service). Currently, only several businesses use SMS as a promotional tool since they believe digital media is the most effective. SMS has a relatively high open rate of around 98 %. So that your company does not make a mistake when choosing a promotional strategy, we will discuss what types of campaigns businesses may use when employing SMS advertising this time.

5 Types of SMS Advertising Campaigns that Can Apply to Your Business

When using SMS for business promotion, ensure you have the correct CTA (Call to Action) to ensure the campaign runs well. SMS advertising is frequently used to reach as many customers as possible in a specific location. Consider the following campaign types to ensure that the goals of the campaign you wish to conduct are met:

  1. Discount Offers

The company frequently gives discounts within a specific time period. You may use SMS advertising to promote the discount information offered within a specific time frame to attract customers. This is so that SMS Advertising may push people to acquire products or services from your company right away.

  1. Latest Updates

Changes in shop operation hours should be communicated to customers via SMS advertising. Customers that are already loyal to your brand will be aware of the update faster. You can also share information on recently released items to entice your customers to purchase the new item.

  1. Customer Information Service

Consumers usually use social media to search for company customer service. You can also disseminate customer service information using SMS advertising to increase customer engagement as you’ll be closer to customers.

  1. Grand Prize Program Information

A business will frequently run a lottery within a specific time frame. You may also utilize SMS Advertising to inform your customers about an ongoing rewards lottery program, which will increase your brand loyalty.

  1. Increasing Digital Media Exposure

Currently, Digital media is becoming the primary channel for product promotion. You can increase the exposure of your digital marketing by using SMS advertising. To lead customers to your platform, use SMS as a trigger. Links to buy, register, or learn more about your product can be included.

That’s an actual example of SMS advertising for your company. You can implement SMS advertising with MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution or MECS, an SMS advertising solution provider and one of MitraComm Ekasarana’s business units. This Phintraco Group subsidiary offers SMS Gateway solutions. The solutions are SMS Banking, Push & Pull SMS, SMS Broadcast / Bulk SMS, SMS online transaction, and other types of SMS Advertising such as Location-Based Advertising, Contextual Advertising, Targeted SMS, SMS Interactive Services, and much more. For more than 20 years, MitraComm Ekasarana has serviced the company in many sectors.


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