3 Advantages of e-Meterai That You Need to Know 09 March 2022 Blog

3 Advantages of e-Meterai That You Need to Know

When doing transactions using certificates, deeds, letters of agreement, or other securities, people need stamp duty so that these documents can be accounted for and recognized in court. The payment of this stamp duty is denoted by a stamp affixed to these documents. Formerly, the ratification of these paper documents required the presence and approval of several parties before the stamp was affixed. As time goes by, many people are starting to shift to digital documents. Now, the public has the convenience of completing the stamp-affixing process through an online portal since UU No 10 Tahun 2020 concerning Bea Meterai was passed.

Advantages of e-Meterai

The e-Meterai that can be affixed in a digital document is different in physical characteristics from the paper one. e-Meterai offers several advantages that make it better than the conventional stamps and stamp duty payment methods. Here are the 3 most significant advantages of e-Meterai:

1.    More Practical

In contrast to the conventionally affixed paper stamps (meterai), e-Meterai offers practicality in its buying and affixing process. Formerly, people had to buy a stamp from stationery, photocopy shop, or modern retail to get a stamp. Now, people can easily get e-Meterai from anywhere through the system provided by Peruri. The process of purchasing and affixing the e-Meterai is more convenient and practical because it can be done on an online portal that Peruri has developed. This process can be done through the link Besides, the seal included in the e-Meterai technology system can also ease large agencies or companies to do transactions because they no longer need a lot of time to print and scan documents.

2.    Authentic

In many cases, the conventional stamps (meterai) are often misused by being counterfeited or even reused. This problem is detrimental to the government and does not guarantee the document’s validity in the law. E-meterai will guarantee the authenticity and validity of documents. e-Meterai has several must-have characteristics; one of them is a unique code in the form of a serial number. This unique code will distinguish each e-Meterai, so the possibility of being counterfeited and even reused will be minimal. In addition, Peruri also has a validation system that can prevent e-Meterai counterfeit attempts. Even Peruri has provided an application that can examine valid information related to the e-Meterai, including serial number, time stamping or the time of affixing, and the party who does the affixing. The application can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and Apple Store under “Peruri Scanner”.

3.      Documents Stored Safely

Stamps (meterai) affixed to paper documents are potentially be lost or damaged. Your documents will still be stored safely using digital documents and affixed with e-Meterai. When buying and affixing e-Meterai in the portal, you need to create an account that requires some personal information to register. After successfully registering, you will have an account that stores your documents and affix histories. More than that, you can also re-download existing documents through the portal within 1×24 hours, or you can view the history via the user’s email because when you finish stamping, the document is automatically sent to your email. e-Meterai also has a system that can detect changes in documents that have been affixed with e-Meterai to prevent fraud.


The explanations above are the advantages offered by e-Meterai that you or your company can consider switching from conventional paper stamps (meterai). Get e-Meterai easily and practically through

MitraComm Ekasarana, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, has been officially selected by Peruri as a Distributor of Electronic Meterai. MECS offers many technology solutions, and one of them is e-Meterai. MitraComm Ekasarana has an integrated system with an API to simplify the e-Meterai stamping process. Besides, MitraComm Ekasarana also provides support services that are always available 24/7.


Contact us through email at to know more information about e-meterai.




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e-Meterai at a Glance 02 March 2022 Blog

e-Meterai at a Glance

Digital transactions have become incredibly popular nowadays. Documents that used to be only in a paper form have also developed into electronic format. Today’s society tends to use electronic documents because it is practical. Electronic documents are also considered legal by the law to conduct digital transactions. The Indonesian government is aware of this trend and has finally expanded the scope of the stamp duty, which was initially only for physical documents, now to include electronic documents. This amendment is stated in UU No 10 Tahun 2020. e-Meterai or electronic seal is a new thing for the Indonesian people, so they still need to learn more. Do you know what e-Meterai is and what it is used for? Do you know what documents that require an e-Meterai? Let us see a brief explanation of e-Meterai in the following article.

An Overview of e-Meterai

The seals or stamps we know so far are only in physical form, a paper label usually affixed to important documents. The same function as a paper stamp, e-Meterai is a seal or stamp affixed to an electronic document using a digital system. This digital system automates the creation, distribution, and attachment of e-Meterai to electronic documents. So far, e-Meterai is used by state-owned banks as the first users. However, this electronic meterai will gradually be used in various public electronic transactions considered stamp duty objects. Currently, legalized e-Meterai has a value of IDR 10,000.00 as a stamp duty rate.

Documents That Require e-Meterai

Just like the conventional stamp or meterai, e-Meterai will also be subject to stamp duty. Stamp duty is a tax levied on documents produced to explain a civil event or records used as evidence in court. The following list is some examples of a civil document that is considered as the object of stamp duty:

  • Memorandums of Understanding (MoU), or other related documents and its copies;
    • Notarial deeds and grosse, including its copies and excerpts;
    • PPAT (Land Officer’s) deed and its copies;
    • Commercial papers;
    • Securities transaction documents in any name or form, including futures contract transactions in any name or form;
    • Tender documents, including excerpts, minutes, copies, and grosses;
    • Documents stating a sum of money above IDR5 million, either entirely or partially; and
    • Other documents referred to in Undang-Undang 10 Tahun 2020 concerning Stamp Duty (“UU Bea Meterai”).

Legitimate e-Meterai Characteristics

To make sure that your tax payments towards electronic documents are valid, you must understand the following characteristics of electronic meterai:

  • A QR code with a serial number that serves as a unique code
  • A specific representation of the national symbol, Garuda Pancasila
  • A written phrase of METERAI ELECTRONIC
  • A numerical number and its nominal value that represents the stamp duty rate, which is 10000 or SEPULUH RIBU RUPIAH


So, that is the explanation of e-Meterai at a glance that you need to know. This e-Meterai will be widely used soon. Make sure your e-Meterai is authentic (original) and comes from an official distributor. MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution (MECS) has been trusted as the official distributor of e-Meterai by PERURI. MECS is a business unit of Mitracomm Ekasarana, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group. MECS distributes electronic seals or e-Meterai to 3 available channels: collectors (WAPU), wholesalers, enterprises, and end-users. You can purchase e-Meterai by accessing the website.


Find more information about electronic meterai via email to



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MitraComm Ekasarana Ditunjuk Peruri Jadi Salah Satu Distributor Resmi Meterai Elektronik 18 December 2021 News

MitraComm Ekasarana Ditunjuk Peruri Jadi Salah Satu Distributor Resmi Meterai Elektronik

Pada 1 Oktober 2021 kemarin, Direktorat Jenderal Pajak Kementerian Keuangan telah resmi meluncurkan meterai elektronik atau e-meterai untuk masyarakat umum. Perusahaan Umum Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia (Peruri) bekerja sama dengan beberapa perusahaan penyedia solusi digital untuk bisa memenuhi kebutuhan pendistribusiannya. MitraComm Ekasarana salah satu anak perusahaan Phintraco Group, melalui salah satu unit bisnisnya yaitu MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution atau yang biasa disebut dengan MECS,  ditunjuk untuk andil menjadi salah satu distributor resmi meterai elektronik untuk Indonesia. Penunjukkan ini tentu didapatkan setelah melalui proses seleksi yang ketat dari Peruri.

Untuk meresmikan penunjukan MitraComm Ekasarana sebagai salah satu distributor resmi meterai elektronik, diadakan acara penandatanganan Perjanjian Kerja Sama (PKS) pada tanggal 17 Desember 2021 di Kantor Peruri. Acara penandatanganan ini dihadiri oleh Bapak Kelvin Gonatha selaku Presiden Direktur Phintraco Group, Ibu Elly selaku Direktur dari Mitracomm Ekasarana, dan juga Bapak Ferdiansyah selaku Product Manager MECS.

Seperti yang kita tahu, meterai yang saat ini digunakan hanya meterai yang bernilai 10.000. Hadirnya meterai elektronik ini nantinya dapat digunakan untuk dokumen digital untuk memenuhi kebutuhan penggunaan dokumen digital yang meningkat selama pandemic Covid-19. MitraComm Ekasarana dapat mendistribusikan meterai elektronik ini 3 channel, yaitu Pemungut (WAPU), reseller, dan ­end-user. Perusahaan yang menjadi bagian Pemungut (WAPU) ini terdiri dari sekitar 400 perusahaan yang sudah menjadi mitra MECS seperti BUMN, sekuritas, dll.

MECS bukan hanya sekadar menjadi distributor meterai elektronik 10.000, namun lebih dari itu. MECS juga memiliki peran untuk memberikan pelayanan pelanggan dalam bentuk helpdesk 24/7 yang akan membantu para pelanggan jika memiliki kendala terkait meterai elektronik. Selain itu, MECS juga menyediakan solusi yang terintegrasi dengan API Stamping yang dapat membubuhkan meterai elektronik ini ke dokumen digital.

Kerja sama antara Peruri dan MitraComm Ekasarana ini merupakan salah satu pencapaian dan langkah besar untuk MitraComm, yang merupakan bagian dari Phintraco Group. Dengan kurang lebih 150 tenaga profesional dan 8.000 karyawan yang berdedikasi, MitraComm Ekasarana siap untuk mengambil bagian dalam upaya pengenalan dan pengoptimalan transformasi digital yang diambil oleh pemerintah. Salah satu bentuknya adalah dengan menyediakan meterai elektronik beserta layanan lain untuk mempermudah kegiatan transaksi keuangan dan pertumbuhan ekonomi Indonesia di era digital ini.

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