Tips to Avoid Choosing a Wrong Contact Center Outsourcing Partner 22 April 2022 Blog

Tips to Avoid Choosing a Wrong Contact Center Outsourcing Partner

In recent years, the pandemic has forced the industrial sector to implement new ways of working. The ever-increasing digital transformation brings many new ideas, initiatives, and technology aimed at assisting in overcoming its various challenges. A challenge often encountered across multiple industry sectors is customer service. Customer service is the standard across various industry sectors for building trust and building customer loyalty. Meeting customer expectations is the top goal of every company. A company needs the right strategy to overcome these challenges.

Contact Center Outsourcing, Customer Service Strategy.

The company must take strategic steps to improve customer service so that the company can grow rapidly. The right strategy for improving contact center services is to use contact center outsourcing. Contact center outsourcing requires a team of outside company agents to handle the company’s contact center. Using contact center outsourcing may aid in managing a company’s system, infrastructure, and contact center agent services, allowing the company to focus on other business functions.

6 Things You Need to Find with a Contact Center Outsourcing Partner

Then, how do you know you’ve found the right contact center outsourcing partner? Here are some tips to find a contact center outsourcing partner:

  1. High-quality

How can You know whether a contact center is of high quality? A well-organized company has high success rates, effective sales, and low turnover rates. It also demonstrates a pleasant working environment.

  1. Experienced

In this industry, experience is important. Managing employees, handling clients, and integrating new technologies requires knowledge and experience in handling a variety of companies because each company and industry has different problems. The more contact center experience, the better the partner handles Your company. They will be ready to adapt and provide insight into every situation they face.

  1. Scalability

The company wants a business that continues to grow. The growth of the business will bring in more customers than usual. With an ever-increasing number of consumers, the company needs a contact center outsourcing provider that can expand with them. Ensure that the contact center outsourcing partner You pick can handle Your company’s varied scales so that it can satisfy the company’s demands in proportion to the number of consumers it has.

  1. Cost-effective Pricing

Hiring a contact center is an investment. The best contact center outsourcing has fair prices that cover all costs while maintaining high quality. They should provide You with a detailed list of fees with no hidden charges.

  1. Advanced Technology

Of course, You don’t want to hire a contact center that still has a phone dial and a computer that runs Windows 95. It would be best to have a contact center that can handle omnichannel support, stay current with technology developments, and integrate with the most up-to-date technologies.

  1. Exceptional Customer Experience

Computers with the most up-to-date technology and cost-effective budgets are useless if your customers aren’t treated well. Your outsourcing partner should put customer needs above everything else.

After you’ve learned tips to find a contact center outsourcing partner, the next step is to find a trusted contact center outsourcing provider. MitraComm Ekasarana provides Contact Center Outsourcing as one of its services. Mitracom Ekasarana is a subsidiary of Phintraco Group and has 3 business units. MitraComm Business Process Services (MBPS) is one of the business units that provide Contact centers outsourcing.

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PhinCon Raih Penghargaan dalam Acara Genesys APAC Partner Conference 2022 21 April 2022 News

PhinCon Raih Penghargaan dalam Acara Genesys APAC Partner Conference 2022

Pada 20 April 2022, Genesys salah satu partner PhinCon, menggelar acara Genesys APAC Partner Conference 2022 secara virtual. Genesys APAC Partner Conference 2022 adalah sebuah acara yang diselenggarakan Genesys untuk mengapresiasi para mitranya dalam memajukan dan meningkatkan pengalaman pelanggan (CX) dan memberikan nilai bisnis yang unggul bagi pelanggan di seluruh wilayah. Tahun ini, Genesys APAC Partner Conference 2022 bertemakan “Together We Are #Unstoppable”.

Terdapat beberapa penghargaan dalam acara Genesys APAC Partner Conference 2022 sebagai bentuk apresiasi Genesys terhadap para mitra di seluruh dunia. Penghargaan ini diberikan kepada para mitra atas upaya mitra dalam mencapai keunggulan, komitmen terhadap CX (Customer Experience), dan pertumbuhan pasar Experience-as-a-Service. Genesys memberikan apresiasi kinerja mitranya yang ada di seluruh dunia, salah satu penghargaan yang ada yaitu Partner of the Year. Tahun ini, salah satu anak perusahaan Phintraco Group yaitu PhinCon berhasil mendapatkan penghargaan sebagai SEA Partner of the Year, sebagai perwakilan South East Asia menghadirkan kinerja dan performa yang luar biasa.

PhinCon telah menjadi business partner Genesys sejak tahun 2017. Selama kurang lebih 5 tahun menjalin kerja sama, PhinCon berhasil menunjukkan kinerja yang berkembang pesat sebagai business partner Genesys. Penghargaan sebagai SEA Partner of the Year dari Genesys menjadi bukti nyata atas kerja keras tim ahli PhinCon dalam menghadirkan solusi inovatif kepada pelanggan melalui solusi-solusi teknologi dari Genesys.

Pada acara Genesys APAC Partner Conference 2022 kali ini, selain memberikan penghargaan kepada seluruh business partner di seluruh dunia, Genesys juga mengadakan workshop seperti talkshow dengan pembahasan mengenai study case terkini seputar Experience as a Service. Genesys bersama para tim ahli dan beberapa partner menjelaskan penggunaan solusi teknologi untuk menghadirkan Experience as a Service meningkatkan pelayanan untuk pelanggan. Hal ini dilakukan untuk terus meningkatkan semangat para partner untuk menghadirkan solusi teknologi terbaik untuk pelanggan karena Together We are #Unstoppable.

PhinCon sangat mengapresiasi atas kepercayaan Genesys yang telah memberikan penghargaan ini serta sebagai Gold Partner Genesys, PhinCon terus berkomitmen untuk terus memberikan inovasi-inovasi sesuai dengan kebutuhan perusahaan yang sejalan dengan visi dari Phincon untuk menjadi business partner terpilih untuk solusi customer experience terbaik di Indonesia dan Asia Pasifik.

Informasi lebih lengkap tentang layanan omnichannel contact center Genesys bisa Anda dapatkan dengan mengirimkan email ke




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Things You Need to Avoid with a Contact Center Outsourcing Partner 20 April 2022 Blog

Things You Need to Avoid with a Contact Center Outsourcing Partner

Customer service is the most important thing to consider in a business. One of the customer service strategies is to deliver excellent service to the contact center system. However, handling customers can be a challenge when You don’t have the right team and operational capabilities. Deciding to outsource contact center activities is a smart way to stay focused on other business functions. However, it will only be effective if Your business has the right business partner. If You don’t choose a contact center outsourcing partner carefully, it may negatively impact your business. Choosing the right contact center outsourcing partner is one of the important decisions Your business requires to achieve.

3 Things you need to avoid with Contact Center Outsourcing Partner

Working effectively is a must, but there are other factors to consider when choosing a contact center outsourcing partner. Here are a few things to avoid while looking for a partner to help Your contact center make a more informed selection.

  1. High Setup Costs

Setup costs are the usual way for partners to cover some of the starting costs. New software, integrations, and staff training all come at a cost. However, some contact center outsourcing partners use high setup costs to get benefits from clients.

  1. Additional Support Costs

The cost issue must have been mutually agreed upon before the company collaborates with the contact center outsourcing partner. A good partner would not charge You extra for things that aren’t included in the agreement. Therefore, companies need to find contact center outsourcing partners transparent in terms of costs.

  1. Replacement Agent Training Costs

Contact center agents have a high turnover rate, which is no secret. If the partner firm charges You extra fees to find a replacement agent, You should reevaluate Your partnership. The outsourcing partner should be responsible for having the contact center agent replaced. Similarly, training to improve the quality of contact center agents.

Thus, after knowing a few things to avoid when selecting a contact center outsourcing partner, the next step is to choose the best and most reliable Contact Center Outsourcing partner. Of course, if You engage with the proper company, you will reap the benefits of contact center outsourcing services. MitraCom Ekasarana provides Contact Center Outsourcing as one of its solutions. MitraComm Ekasarana is one of the best Contact Center Outsourcing providers in Indonesia that has 3 business units, including MitraComm Business Process Services (MBPS), engaged in Business Process Outsourcing. The advantage of developing a relationship with MitraComm Ekasarana is that the business You operate can focus on key business areas, increase productivity, develop customer service, increase revenue, and maintain the best quality service for Your business customers. Find how we solved the problem on our youtube channel, Phintraco Group.

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